Date: 7/10/2017

By elliedione

1st part: So a bunch of my friends decided to go to the lighthouse at this one beach. My one friend drove everyone and when they came to pick me up they came inside my house and were all vaping in my room and I told them to vape out the window so I wouldn't get caught. We finally left and headed to the beach but I kept forgetting stuff so we never ended up making it there. 2nd part: My best friends family took my siblings and I on vacation with them to somewhere like the Amazon River it seemed like. My best friends older sister brought her boyfriend and her brother brought his girlfriend. The whole time I was purposely trying to get at her older brother even though the girlfriend was there. Her older brother smoked and I took one of his cigarettes and smoked it. Later the dreamed somehow turned into like Are You The One on MTV. For all the challenges I tried my hardest to pick my BFFs older brother. One of the challenges was feeding each other beans??? And one of the contestants was Cynthia Lee Fontaine and she dressed up as Katya for who knows why. We then went on rafts down a river and there were like 50 HUGE fish and we all freaked out and ran away.