The Stickmen

Date: 2/9/2019

By JadeLightningDash

This dream was the first segment of a four part dream. I don't remember the other parts, except that none of them were connected in any way. I was in front of a large college campus. The courtyard behind me had lots of trees and a fountain. I had a silver bike with me, and I took it inside the building and brought it up to the top floor. The top floor was extremely crowded, lots of people moved about and pushed me out of the way. I tried to make my way through the crowd and reach a classroom, but all I could find were various elevators of odd sizes. Slowly, the crowd started to disappear into thin air until all that was left was myself, my bike and one other, a black girl. I don't remember if we knew each other or not. We both were pretty confused and felt that something was off with this place, so I helped her up. Suddenly, animated badly drawn glowing stickmen started appearing and began chasing us. We needed to find an elevator that we could both fit in to escape. I think we found an elevator that was big enough, and we were able to escape safely. I'm not sure, the end of the dream is a bit fuzzy.