childhood, kip, cave

Date: 7/4/2019

By eggmus

I hung out with a childhood friend at his house and I haven’t been there in years and there was some spooky shit going on outside so we mostly stayed inside, one of our past friends transitioned to male and named himself Jared, I was hanging out at a park with Jules, Hunter and Franny and it started pouring down rain so everyone ran to their cars and went home, the parking lot was packed so it was super difficult for anyone to get out and there was a line, Dhruv stood in front of my car and said something i couldn’t hear because of the rain, then this child named kip with a bowl cut was like “it’s me, you don’t remember me? you’ve driven me home before i need a ride home” and i wasn’t gonna just leave this poor kid in the pouring rain so i was like ok i’ll take you home you just need to tell me how to get to your home and he started giving me directions and i totally cut the line by accident and the road was super flooded so we had to drive really slow, then he said a direction i couldn’t hear so i started to turn right and he was like “no no no go straight and like moved the wheel and suddenly we were like outside of the car and going into this big tunnel, they stopped vehicle traffic bc it was too much so we kinda walked up the side of the inside of the tunnel and it turned into this like cave tour thing and they had stairs and stuff and at cave tours they’re like “don’t touch the stuff it’ll stop growing” but as we went up i got more tired and everything got smaller and smaller and i could barely fit through the door holes and i was knocking stuff over left and right, last hole i couldn’t fit in i stuck my hand in and a bunch of sand had collapsed into this one so people literally would’ve suffocated in there and i felt a card that said music auditions on it, so i grabbed it and went back down to the entrance and there was a greeter guy at the table and i was like dude i don’t think they’re gonna be able to host music auditions in there it’s filled with sand and he’s like “you just have to dig past the sand and it’s back there” some other stuff happened before and after what i have written but i don’t quite remember