Episode 73. Tunnel and a Threesome

Date: 8/8/2017

By Marvin10

First scene, I am at my old school but it looks more like subway. I'm telling a few of my school friends that there is a really long hidden tunnel at one end of the school and that we should explore it. Nobody wants to do it and they all think I am crazy for wanting to do it. Then I remember moving across a wall. I think I was on my way home. Next scene, I have forgotten. Next scene I am with some random male and female. Me and the other guy are discussing quite normally which of us is going to have sex with her. She gets up and says something like "you both can" and gets on her hands and knees between us. She is a slightly bigger girl but very curvy and attractive. We are all completely naked and I am at the front. She takes my boner in her mouth while the other guy is taking her from behind. That's when I wake up.....of course.