Where's My Meal?

Date: 6/11/2017

By drunchee

I'm at a clothes store with a lot of my classmates in a field trip sorta thing. There's a second story accessible via a short stair system. While walking around, someone randomly reminds me that Allison has a minor form of autism. This strikes me as odd but not false. Later, at the store, me and Marcos meet a boy who I guess was R-14, a character from my comics. We know him and think he's funny because he threatens us in a weird voice that he's going to have us for a meal by saying "your gonna be my meal". Later, he's showering at my house for some reason. Me and Marcos are also at my house. We hear him get out of the shower and say "okay your gonna be my meal" and we run while laughing into my room and slam the door shut, evidently actually scared of Rourteen.