"The Tailor"

Date: 3/31/2017

By garrettmorrow_

In this dream I believe I was a detective agent or something. There was a local tailor shop (in a rougher part of town) that we, my partner and I, suspected was selling drug. And worse than that, being a supplier of different gang movement. So my partner and I go in there and ask some questions. The store manager/owner was in there trying to do business with us and we just told him that we had no need for business with him -we just wanted to talk. I was fully dressed at the time and truly had no need for a tailor. Then later something tragic happens to me and I end up without my pants. I go into the tailor shop (not in my uniform) with a young boy. The young boy was a teenager that was there to pick up gang member clothing. The gang was getting matching outfits. After I get in I run up to the store manager and plead him for a pair of pants. I told him there has to be something he could give me -he was a tailor! But the man directed me to the young boy. He said he made the clothes for him and he accidentally made an extra pair for him. So I went up to the boy, explained my situation and asked for the extra clothes. He immediately said yes, but as he was getting them out I thought "is this okay?" What would everyone think seeing me in a gang uniform?" Does this mean I'm not part of the gang and endorsing them as a group?" I didn't take the shirt (which had the gang logo and information), but I took the jean shorts. Afterwards I stuck around the boy as the shop just went on with daily activity. I asked him why he when to this tailor, what relationship the gang had with the tailor, and if they were selling drugs through the shop. The boy started to tell me everything. That the tailor and the gang work together to sell drugs from the shop. As he was talking, I was trying to get a recorded response from him about all the illegal activity, but I couldn't manage to get it. Then I woke up.