Date: 6/23/2017

By rayth

I was in a barren town with my good friend, Gabrielle. We find an art exhibit to take refuge in. Once we're inside, we become good friends with the artist and he tells us we're welcome to stay with him. The dream shifts and I'm in a car driving to a nearby town, Madera, to see my mom. A man is standing with a group of friends and then points a gun towards my car. He doesn't shoot, though. But as I drive further, I see him alone and he points a gun at my car again. Doesn't shoot again. I stop at a gas station and then go back home because I'm scared. When I get home, everyone (who is oddly not in my family at all, but it's at my grandparents' old house) is hanging out in the garage. There's a bunch of jet skis and everyone's trying to decide what to do with them. I just stand silently and then everyone gravitates towards the inside of the house. I stay in the garage silent.