Adventures and Mystery Psychedelics

Date: 3/30/2017

By LionFoot65

I was on an adventure with my friends Connor and Noah and we were running away from these people who were chasing in helicopters. I also remember that the story of the lion king was different because there was a lot more blood. I also remember seeing the guy that was supposedly part of the lion king story who looked like a fake ass demon who was laughing while in hell. I also remember that I was with this really beautiful girl and we started realizing that we were really attracted to each other. The last thing I remember with her was kissing her before we said goodbye. Next Scene: I remember being told to go to this classroom with a substitute teacher and some of my friends started offering me this new psychedelic that I had never heard of before and I kept saying no because I didn't want to put potentially poisonous shit in my body. Then I was near my school and different people were offering me the new drug that you snuff in kinda like a yopo snuff that traditional societies use except that it was through this fancy looking vaporizer. They were trying to pressure me to try this new psychedelic but I said no because I need to know more about it. I also remember talking to these two blonde white girls before I was offered the mystery psychedelic by this other guy. When I got to class (which was in a car for some reason) my teacher offered us to watch a movie 🎥 that had a little bit of porn in it.