"Bad Cop" a Nick Classic

Date: 6/8/2017

By drunchee

I'm watching a clip of a new Nickolodeon show called Bad Cop on Instagram, and it goes as follows: a boy in pastel clothes is going down a large slide, a blue bowling ball rolling behind him. I instantly process that this must be this kid's punishment by the "cop". He hurriedly goes down faster and reaches the bottom, a place with a cloud floor and stuffed animals everywhere. He gets this award that he calls by name but I forget what he calls it. Suddenly an orange stuffed animal bites his neck and he dies, a tiny bit of blood shows. Later, I'm at a Frederick side family party. I have a ton of money that I got earlier from a- and I qoute- "I got a stack of 100s, 10s, 20s, etc, from a man who came from a realm where gold is used as currency. The gold magically becomes cash and I show the man the cash at a restaurant, but end up keeping it for myself." So I'm about to give my Grandma Frederick all the cash, I don't know why, but I end up stealing two 100s back. I later find out my Gma actually helped in making Bad Cop, and my Grandpa is the director! He starts talking about behind the scenes and how the boy who died is named Historian, and he talks about a girl who's shower turns red and stuff. Bad Cop starts to sound like a Horror show. My Gma then brags about how the fake blood came out of her wallet, and that it wouldn't be in the show if it wasn't for her. I sense tension in the room after this. Ugh.