Pyramid System

Date: 4/5/2017

By Fitful

I dreamed. I came from a greedy poverty-stricken family. They were hungry for money all the time. ----- There was a boy. Well he was a man now, all grown up, but his family had used him. He had had wealth as a child, he created it did something as a child to earn it. His family gave him everything he wanted, but only so they could use the money too. His mothers boyfriend bought himself expensive perfumes. The boy played video games and knew the best of video games and technology. But it all dried up because of the way they spent it. And he was a normal adult, struggling to make ends meet, if not poor at least like the typical American, with a mortgage and required to work everyday or face that poverty. ----- I was all grow up, well late teens early twenties. I was a pop star and I went to this school/college it seemed like, a very nice place but it could have been a fancy high school. It didn't really matter because I don't recall any classes, just endless training for my pop star life. Dancing singing choreography all this stuff they piled on me. I was a very angry and rebellious pop star. Not really that pleasant either I was so unhappy. A girl came up to me asked me for help with something, and I was trying to help her, I was actually feeling compassion and in the middle of trying to soothe her, but she just walked away. I got mad at her walking away from me and I told her to come back a couple times, finally her boyfriend showed up and forced her away, and I got even madder and I grabbed her by her hair to force her to listen to me and answer a question. I did the same to her boyfriend. They just weren't listening. Of course she decided to sue me. I didn't much care although the people around me did. They kept wanting me to do this and that. In the middle of choreography for a dance number I threw a temper tantrum. I started yelling how I hated the script and the movie and myself. The people around me tried to soothe me but I was just to angry I tore the script in half. I tried leave for a day on an alien spaceship in the courtyard. It was the top technology, all hush hush and everything. It hadn't even been released from testing yet. I was to be gone a day, a friend of mine came to get me and we needed to do something so I was going to take the spaceship because it was a faster. But the college and people in charge of me and everything stopped me before I could take off. I was confined to my room a lot. I had a white kitten, it was often confined to a cage. I took it over to a friend's place and it ate their wet cat food left in the dish. I was upset because I never fed it wet cat food before, only dry. I was worried it would get sick. I noticed it was super skinny and small compared to other kittens it's age tho. In my room I also had a mouse in a small glass jar. One day it started to smell funny so I assume it had died, but it was still alive. I cracked the lid and breathed into its mouth and it came to life. I then realized I had to keep it alive with my breath, so everyday I breathed into it. It became a squirrel and it was my friend for a long time. It, the squirrel, had a pet lion. I was pleased with the pet lion but one day the squirrel ran away. It escaped out the window into the trees. I looked and looked and looked for it, specifically searching among my dolls, I had a huge collection of nice china dolls, but it wasn't to be found. I then had to care for the lion on my own, since it was being cared for by the squirrel. I wondered how to walk the lion. What if it ran away on a walk? And wasn't it cruel to not let it run? Lions aren't meant to be stationary. It became clear I was making a Disney film, and should be super happy but the script was really bad. The story seems slapped together and I really questioned Disney on this venture. I decide to sing it out, and I walk off into green grassy rolling hills singing. I was surprised that I had a good voice and I began to feel better about the film if the emotion I portrayed on my own in the hills singing were any example of how the movie would be. I ran into my mother, her house was out here, and she asked me some questions about the legal thing with the girl, professing disbelief I did anything. I told her it was all my fault actually and I did everything they said. Probably. I didn't read the case against me so I actually have no idea what they said. I put my mother to bed and for some reason I was out of my body while I did this, stuck in position at the end of the bed. I was horrified because I was staring at her and she had no underwear on. I manage to look away, it's difficult because Astral me didn't respond well, and when I look back she did have underwear on. I was much relieved.