Date: 6/24/2019

By Fitful

I was in this place, like a garden and apartment building together in a strange fantastic world. The plants on this world gave ff faint glowing particles, like glowing pollent which floated and colored the air here and there. I feel like I was in a head, that I was in a giant's skull, a skull the size of a world. I asked a neighbor of mine, a dancer, a ballerina our for a date a lot. Not like a stalker but several times since I had moved in. She always said no, and just kept dancing away. She whirrled from place to place. But one day there was a dance, a dance for seniors at her school I think and I asked her to go with me. Surprisingly she said yes because she wanted to go to the dance. I was happy, I didn't press when and where but I was thrilled. I had been dealing with a sleeping monster, or more than one, the whole time. The trick was to stay asleep not be loud enough to wake up a terrible beast. But I noticed the louder I was, and the more awake a creature became that it wasn't so dark and scary. I spent all day in the garden with intelligent plants, plants which could sing, move, act like they were self aware. Always I was glad I woke up some beast. The one who cautioned me not to wake them was asleep herself some large being who I spoke to in dreams. I was getting better at communicating with her. My dreaming self could pop into her dreaming mind and began to have a lot of control. She was impressed. But the day came for the date and it was doomed. I had to send myself back to sleep, to stop the huge beast, a bigger one than I'd ever encountered before, the wize of the world. Actually the size of the large being who cautioned me. I had to sleep during the time when we were to be on a date. I was disappointed. ~ Someone I spoke with regularly was in jail. I missed them. They sent me a picture of their cell ate, apparently they were allowed smartphones and allowed to decorate their living space in the cell. The picture was of some girl I got her words and her face in the picture. ~ I was standing in the kitchen dripping blood. Apparently my period had overflowed while I had been outside. I kept doing what I was doing, I think I was making a sandwich, but watched to make sure the dog didn't step in the blood trails and track it all over the house.