Work Crisis

Date: 4/29/2017

By chadri

Im at work with Shaun, Donna, a new kid, and some other staff with dreadlocks. work is going well and we are close to closing time. *Attention customers, Dollars and Cents is now closed, please bring all final purchases up to the front and thank you for shopping at dollars and cents.* I proceed out of the back and onto the main floor. I see the line and it is massive. the line just keeps getting longer and longer and I don't know why. Usually when we are about to close, there are very few customers; four at the most. But now there is at least 15. I thought, " Dang, I took all the other tills already, should I just open and take card transactions only?" Well, while I was thinking that I went to the entrance to lock it so more customers couldn't come in. As I go to lock it, a customer comes and asks, "closing already?" I say," yeah, sorry." I turn around to look at the line, and there is like 5 people left, and I'm think to myself," Phew, I don't need to open for this." I turn back round to entrance and a customer I saw earlier in the day phased through the entrance with her kid. The customer that asked if we were closing sees this and gets abnormally angry. "So she can go in and I can't??" I respond, "alright alright, jeez." I unlock the door and the customer enters. I look at the line and there is now 20 people on line. "How the hell...?" I think to myself. Donna opens on till 3 to take card transactions. As I head to till 1 to do the same, Shaun appears and I assume he's going to tell me to open. Instead he somehow teleports to till one and starts doing transactions before I could get there even though I am closer. I tell him I can do it. (Shaun is generally a chill guy) Shaun yells at me. "LOOK AT THOSE WATER BOTTLES AND COKE CANS. YOU SHOULD HAVE FILLED THEM!" I'm not sure why, but I got really angry. Mostly at myself cause I remember him telling me to fill them earlier in the day. I just had the urge to punch something, so I punch these Etch-it party cups (I'm not being sponsored). There is a noticeable dent in the cup, but oh well. I head to the back to grab water bottles and coke cans out of the freezer. I see the dreadlock employee and remember things about him. He is also a new staff, Krill, but he has a special power. He nurtured the ability to create a monster that attacks things while he works here. He hasn't used it in a while. I also remember going on a journey with him. We were crossing what looks to be the grand canyon in order to survive from our hunters. I don't recall the reason why we were being hunted, but here I am. (Let me just say, I remember having this dream journey a few weeks ago. Acually I'm not sure if that is true, cause I could have been giving the feeling of remembering it because of this dream.) Anyway, he is just on his phone. I open the freezer and begin taking out buckets of water bottles and coke cans. I take one bucket out, and then another, and then another. "WOAH, what the..?" I shout. There is a frozen clone of me in the bucket along with some water bottles and he looks ravenous. As if the moment he thaws, he is going to kill everyone here. I panic, not knowing what to do because I have to fill the water bottles and coke cans. I decide to quickly put the water bottles and coke cans out before he thaws. I stack the buckets onto each other and dash out to the water bottles and coke cans. I put them out and look at evil me. " Oh god his eyes are moving and gaining focus." I quickly run back the freezer and shove him into it. Stomping him in to make sure he fits. *Crisis avoided* I head back out to the cash area. I see Shaun helping a customer. I am woken by my alarm.