The Archers Bow

Date: 4/6/2017

By gabriel4031

There is a bow. It's my weapon. It's what I like to use. It has flames up and down the sides. I need to get it. It is not with me. I find a house on a hill. We decide to stay there. It is not our house. We want to stay under the eaves. We tear at the roof to gain entrance. We have a car, but it must remain outside the house. Someone with us isn't happy about that because the car calms her. It is like my bow is to me. At least she still has the car. I don't have my bow. There is talk of construction in Canada. There are some who are opposed to it. I'm for it. Notes: I know I'm forgetting parts. It's all jumbled up. I couldn't see my companions, but they were there. I don't know where my bow was, but someone with me felt it was essential that I retrieve it.