Date: 3/11/2017

By kaityy.25

My sister's boyfriend and my boyfriend both work as an EMR or EMT. My boyfriend is only an 18 year old senior but he already has almost all his stuff for being an EMR. I dont remember the first part of a dream, but I just remember being with my sister, and my guy best friend while our boyfriends were at work. Then we suddenly got a call. They had been in an accident. So we went to the hospital and I remember sitting in there. They told my sister that her boyfriend, was paralyzed on one side. I asked about my boyfriend, and my guy best friend went to go check. He came back to me and told me "he's not okay.." and I just busted out crying in my best friends arms. My sister looked at him, and he said "He's her high spot, her high point. Her safe spot." and then i woke up, crying. What could this mean?