rabbits & bargain deals

Date: 8/3/2017

By palm

It starts with my friend and I entering this school gym. They suggested we go there for reasons unknown and I agree because hey, what could happen. But we go and there's a bunch of rabbit hopping around, doing their thing. And we start chasing them because they're rabbits of all kinds of sizes. But they run away as soon as we approach them, expected. But then I try to chase them up the stairs and they disappear from sight. Suddenly, toys and clothes are thrown down the stairs instead and people appear, picking up some clothes. I do the same, assuming it's free. I see this mom pick up a giant toy for her son. But the whole scene changes to a flea market, while still inside the gym. I'm still holding onto this clothes, and then I see the price on them, a purple tag causing me to drop them and look elsewhere because my interest waned. I end up where the mom was, and I see the toy she picked up from the flea market. And it's a giant pig plush sitting in the corner of the room.