Lucid Fire Streams 🔥

Date: 3/25/2017

By Caophi

I was sitting in a field with a group of people looking at this giant bluff/cliff in the background. Everyone was dressed in snow pants and winter coats. The cliff was square and looked like it had a flat top. Must have been 500ft high. I look to my left and Tho and her Bf Aaron was there. I asked her where we were and she said 'Buck Hill'. We were getting ready to snowboard down this beast. I look at the cliff again I'm like... There is no fucking way that's Buck Hill, I've been there. That's when it hit me and I became lucid. I asked Tho again where she thought we were and she said the same answer. I'm like "No, look at the background! There are mountains, we don't have mountains in Minnesota! We're in a dream!" At this moment her eyes lit up with suprised as she realized I was right. I've never been successful in convincing other dream figures that we were dreaming before, so this moment was monumental. We all start making our way to the left side of the cliff to start climbing it. Realizing I'm lucid I reach the sky with my right hand and shot a stream of fire straight into the air. I hear the woosh sound of air similar to how a flamethrower sounds. I was stoked as fuck and kept doing this at will several times on our walk towards the cliff. I was behind some people and got tired of walking so I jumped and floated upwards. I fly all the time so the sensation is pretty familiar to me. I lean forward and fly towards the base of the cliff. People were already climbing it and taking the long ass path up the side, and I'm like nah, so I flew straight up towards the top. I look behind me and there was another guy also flying!! I was really amazed since it was the first time I've seen anyone else have powers in my dream as its usually me demonstrating my lucidity while everyone else nonchalantly accepts the fact that I can fly and shoot fire. So we fly upwards towards the summit and the cliff turns into a tall ass building that has this industrial look to it. Supposedly it was a radio tower. It has shipping cargo crates extruding from the sides and it had all types of rectangular shapes in its architecture. I flew under and awning and couldn't go up any further so I had to go back outside then fly up. I got up to a room at the top where me and the other guy sat and talked for like 10min about being lucid. He was another awakened person in a world of sleepers. I was excited and relieved to have someone else believe me that we were dreaming. The guy had the impression of Brian Shaw or some other big guy I can't remember but that's the essence I felt when I woke up. While up in this room I was practicing all kinds of fire moves like never before. The fire dreams before this one I could only manifest fire in my hand. In this one I was shooting streams and all kinds of shit. It took a lot of concentration but it was consistent each time. I felt like I could control it at will. I tried my hand at another favorite element of mine, lightning. I put my fingers together and pulled them apart. I managed to get my finger tips sparking with white light. I could see little streaks of electricity zapping between my hands but that was it. It was elementary compared to my fire control. I started experimenting with different tricks with fire. Setting up casting procedures and shit like it was a spell lol. I'd make five fireballs arranged in a star and swirled them all around into a wheel and then shot them forward. It was sick af.