Felt bad for "drowning" a snake

Date: 2/27/2017

By bluefox247

I was in a dark weird hallway looking think, except the floor was made of cardboard or something and there was a hole in it with very dark water underneath. The hallway sloped upwards and at the top of the slope I was trying to help this snake who was hanging out in a cardboard box across the hole by launching it across. But I think that I've failed because I see the snake drown and bubbles come up from the water. I feel terrible but I have to leave to go do something. I go back later and I meet the snake again hanging on the ceiling and I'm like "oh my god I thought you drowned!" And the snake was like "I didn't, I am very fast and I can jump very well, I jumped out of the water but it was so fast you just didn't see me". And then he showed me an example of his jumping skills and I was very relieved he was alive.