Having the Coach’s Kid

Date: 9/14/2020

By caitlynm14117

I was pregnant but I was the same age I am now. I somehow figured out that it was the basketball coach’s kid and that we were in love. I remember I told him right before I was going to go give birth and he was really happy about it. I also remember this girl I haven’t seen in a year showed up to my school and was like “do you have any history jobs?” and i was like “idk but i’m about to give birth” and she was like “i can help with that”. She took me into this room where my “family” in the dream was. I had two other sons before the one I was about to have and they were probably like 6 and 3 or so. My cousins on my dad’s side and their parents were there and the basketball coach sat at a desk behind me. Giving birth in this universe was weird because I didn’t sit in a bed but in a chair, contractions didn’t really hurt, I just came in when I felt kind of tight in my stomach. They hooked me off to this monitor that was giving me drugs to sleep, and i remember that when i slumped over i wasn’t exactly asleep yet. Then I woke up.