Lunch Break

Date: 4/28/2019

By Pleeeessss

I was standing infront a garden and saw a rose, i needed to paint it. Paint it white. But i was too scared to steal roses of other people's gardens. I tried but at rhe last moment i woke up in a garden with a wooden flower. I still wanted to paint it so i did that. It was very disappointing so but i let it dry anyway. In the garden i also found a gameboy, it showed a picture of two churches. I'm standing next to my ex but we are back together. We're walking in a small village with two churches. One of the churches was close to a house we wanted to buy. We walk into the house and all of the sudden i'm alone and he's gone, the house is empty. I turn around and everything's back to another time, a timeline were he just broke up with me. I hug him and beg to stay while i'm sobbing. He says we can't be together and walks out of the front door. then i'm back in the empty house again. I walk towards the other church, back to my home where i have 4 children with someone. I come home and start to feed my babies. My husband comes home, starts yelling at me for having not much of the life he wanted to have. Cuz the babies were in the way of the things he wanted to do. I argue back but we just get more mad at eachother. He's holding a baby and all of the sudden all the babies but one got killed by him. I bite him in his neck and start to tear him apart. My white dress is now all red. I look at the baby and hug it, walk outside and now i'm just floating. I don't know what happened or why but i'm floating above the grass next to the house. My white dress covered in blood. I wake up again but i'm back in the garden at school holding that gameboy picture. All the grass is dried up and the lunch break is over. I wake up