Criminal, ability's

Date: 1/29/2017

By Caprisun

The dream started off with me on an assignment to transport a dangerous criminal, I walk into the caging area with an attractive dark haired men. the cage room had cages upon cages stacked up but all empty except one. a young man sat there, he had blond hair and blue eyes. he seemed to know the man I was with as he noticed us he says that he was making a mistake that this isn't right. the leader of this operation sedates him, after insuring the man tells me that I'm going to transport him. he then leaves the room. I wait there until he wakes up and then put magic binding cuffs on him (they are invisible). the guy wakes up and doesn't seem particularly surprised he says that I should have at least heard the story why he is here. I haul him up and walk him out on the busy street. its the 1800's, the clothing style and architecture... later on he is walking beside me uncuffed, he is quite charming. it now seems to be modern times, as walking a skinny boy stands out side a bar and talks to me, I notice a girl eyeing him on the street and I subconsciously say in my mind something about the two of them and he goes off with her, I'm very dazed. but the bar is opened and I go inside. I learn that the guy being caged and the man who locked them up are best friends. then time is skipped to where I use my mind reading ability's and convince the wild cat I'm its mother and it snuggles up with me. the time is forward again. and I'm sitting on the edge the brown haired man sits there beside me explaining why he locked the guy away, the story is a little different, the light haired man appears on the cliff and looks betrayed by me, he slowly steps back and fly's across air. the dark haired man tells me he wants me to use my ability and he fly's up after the guy with me in his arms.