That was depressing. Also, Gay Quirrel

Date: 7/8/2017

By fairyfina

Let's go! The earliest part of my dream I can remember is going out of my old house and onto the really foggy street to see a deer/stag/something-or-other-with-antlers, checking it out and whatnot. Before too long it begins to start charging and whatnot, so I back off and find an antler in the grass of my lawn. I look back and notice the deer has a missing antler, as well as noticing at some point that it's got two heads, one on each end of its body? A little after that, I have to avoid this wild boar attempting to impale me as I walk up my lawn. I can't really remember a chunk of the dream and transition, but next I think I'm kind of like a mutant, as in X-men? So me and this mutant buddy are around, when we find this plays-ground thing (it's a little like a weird bumper car court almost. But no bumper cars) and you gotta sign in with a name. So we go there in the day. A path besides the park, behind a fence, has this kid sitting 100% still on what looked like a portable plastic chair in the distance. We keep going, on the other side there looks like a student in my School uniform messing around in a basketball court. So we get to the thing, mess around, and probably leave. The kid's still there, sitting completely still. So, I'm pretty sure we came back later at night and we find a kid who's also a mutant. But this guy, a creepy one, has been talking over speakers and I frantically tell the kid that he knows now because he has cameras everywhere. (Fun fact: my mutant ability is to bend my spine backwards. Yes, my dream self questioned it at some point.) So we're on the run, in what seems to be an underground tunnel system. Somehow, this leads to me, alone, somewhere??? Saying I have to die. But really stressed. And. I think I told quite a few people. So I asked around for advice. I'm going to get a fire to burn in. I asked about clothing and this guy said "nah. Just go there naked" pretty much. So I'm putting little braids in my hair, thinking about keeping my jewellery and the deer antler + deer antler gloves + my irl pendant I have. I'm leaving the last three for my (missing?) husband when he returns?? ( please not I do not have a husband, or a male relation at all for that matter) and I'm getting ready, all around I'm in a hospital room seeing terminal/brain dead/paralysed patients being prepared to what I assumed was to also be burned. I look over and notice a kitten that I do have irl. We have a really close bond. So I reach over to her to pick up, and I want to change my mind about everything. I've forgotten why I needed to die (still have tbh) and ask the person next to me. They say they don't know either. Anyway. That's how I woke up crying. I haven't had a dream that heavy in ever. Bonus points: Professor Quirrel and an old teacher from my school totally being a gay couple who wear matching hats. It happened. Also, Quirrel said that he liked dating my teacher because he didn't have to worry about hats and stuff because apparently my teacher was really big on beanies (true fact the guy wore them pretty often)