Climbing a rock wall

Date: 5/17/2017

By dianalex

Yeah. And I have a lot of difficulty doing it. It's an artificial rock wall but I keep slipping every few... steps? rocks? idk. I'm not wearing a harness or any safety equipment so when I feel myself slipping I just go down a couple of grips lmao context: after VG and for some reason Jed is there? kw (?) arrives to pick me up (??) and somehow we end up climbing that damn wall. he's v fast and encouraging me from the top. his role only comes in at the end when I'm really really unable to climb at the top. so close but I just kept slipping and I was so scared feeling like I was about to die. then he like sends a ladder down?? but he's not holding it firmly so if I leaned my weight on the ladder, he'd definitely accidentally release it. so I tell him please hold onto it firmly and he does. I almost make it over but last minute I slip up and I'm like you know mufasa just before scar went all long live the king on him? ya that position. I'm super determined tho cuz idw die (duh) and KW comments "cute" and I'm like ??????? I'm dying???? this ain't cute????? bruh???? but whatevz he helps me up and I make it over.