Date: 8/17/2017

By moonriver

I was on a cruise with Matt and his family, but I think they were a little Asian instead of polish. I went to his cabin with him to make food but each time is make something it would fall apart before I could eat it and he had a little sister who kept laughing at me so I gave up. the cruise was definitely haunted too and I was a little bit scared at first. Megan and I shared a room one night and even in my dream I kept waking up. there was a curfew on the ship so even if you woke up in the middle of the night it would still be absolutely pitch black everywhere. I couldn't sleep one night so I felt my way outside and Megan came with me. we were out on the deck and a little girl walked up and started saying some cryptic shit so I wondered if she was real or not. it was the middle of the night so probably not. then she took us to a secret garden that was on the deck and it all looked very turn of the century. the 20th century. so I was freaked by this point. there was a statue on a bench and a snow globe and a doll sitting next to it. I walked over to it and picked up the snow globe and looked inside and there was a woman with a man in there. I realized it was the same woman as the statue and the doll. and when I looked at the statue to confirm this she was looking right at me. I screamed and almost dropped the snow globe but thank God I caught it because she probably would have eaten me if I broke it. I put the stuff back on the bench next to her and she started speaking to me, telling me I needed to find her daughter. I asked her if she was dead or alive and she didn't answer, she just turned back into a statue. I went back inside and the lights were kind of om by now but they would flicker a lot. one time when they turned off for a second I ran into someone but when they turned on the next second there was no one there. I ran into a bathroom and locked the door and then a little girl ran in with me. I knew it had to be her daughter so I started asking her questions but she just stared at me and left. I woke up.