Date: 6/2/2017

By delcoboss12

I was walking down the street with some of my friends. It was a park ( I think near the boxing gym i go to). As we were walking, I saw these three really pretty girls. I called out to them and said they looked pretty. Then they turned around to look at me, smiled really hard, and then said "psych", and kept walking. But then, I said to myself, " I don't take no psychs". So I kept on going. I asked the one in the middle what her name was and she said her name was Trudith or Trudy ( Trudy was for short but I can't remember her full name). So we started walking together and talking about stuff. Then I we were walking down my street. We got to my house and my mom came out. She took me into the house and then I woke up. Maybe this is a signal that I'll meet a girl this summer. This isn't the first time I've had a dream where I met a really pretty girl.