Date: 3/28/2017

By notTherese

I was in machine design ii and we checked the weather. there's going to be a hurricane or something later this week. we finished our lecture and we're waiting to get dismissed but Gordon never did. he just started to have a conversation with us. eventually I noticed the trapdoor that led to the lower floors flew open and I couldn't close it, the wind was too strong. then we heard a loud roaring. a tornado ripped through one side of the classroom, tearing the wall off. we were terrified. when it quieted down, we headed downstairs. the entire school was empty and destroyed. we started heading home. I was trying to make it at a great art school but I could barely afford it and now... I didn't know what to do. so I found beauty in the destruction. I painted the colors in my mind of the purple and black landscape of wreckage. we try walking back to town, but it seems deserted. I wake up later at my dad's house. it's different from what I remember. I gather my stuff up and head to school. I trip and fall in the mud, and see a crocodile walking slowly towards me. it's still dark but the crocodile looks like it put it's head on backwards. a few other strange animals run past me. I run inside and tell my dad. he's playing with a sort of species mixer computer program. "well yes, that's the backwards-dile. I would be scared if I found a rabbit or horse." it seems as if the whole world turned upside down without me in it...