ig, skating, quiz, violence

Date: 5/23/2022

By rembrandt

had a scary dream my ig got deleted because i wrote “fyp” on kendall jenner’s ig post. lmfao at first i thought nothing i figured my acc just got locked for a bit, then i saw online that my acc was really gone and the fear hit me. i really need to export my data off there had another dream where i was rollerblading around a town that was unfamiliar to me. there was this long strip of road lined by sand and i thought this would be a good spot to build houses. it was night time when i was skating, i stopped at this store, that was like a stand outdoors and there was a kid working there. i think it was like a skate shop. he was trying to sell my gloves so if be protected if i fell, but i was already wearing my protective gear. it was cold though my hands were cold. i tried a pair on but they were too big. i had one glove of my own, but couldn’t find the other. told the kid i’d come back and buy something. he said nothing. another dream i had was of a quiz game where about 100 or so people participating. no one knew what it was but we all showed up, it was kind of vague as to what it was and what the prize was. i remember at the beginning we all met up in some kind of parking lot, and pharrell williams was there and did a performance. or maybe it was bruno mars. someone like that. the host of the quiz was an arab guy and overly excited about things. anyway so the quiz began, can’t remember where, maybe it was a classroom. there were various tasks to complete and a lot of people ended up quitting because they simply didn’t care enough, but we also still didn’t know the prize so a lot of ppl weren’t invested. there was one round that filtered almost everyone out so only 5ish of us remained. the last question was; who is this character. a picture was shown. i knew right away, it was felix the cat. 3 of us got it right and at the end we were told that we each had won 22 million dollars and were the winners. i remember afterwards checking my mobile bank account to see if any money had gone in, and staying in contact with the other winning contestants, no one received the money yet, but we just assumed bc it took a long time to transfer money like that around. another dream i had was really violent and scary. i was on the street i guess walking, it looked like close to 3rd street. there was a house across the street and two old ladies sitting outside on their porch. i was walking on the sidewalk across the street with some other people and a big tv placed on a building started to play breaking news, from the local news. it showed image of these thieves and thugs going through a house and taking shit, and then beating up and stomping two old ladies. people on the street tried to help but it was no use and most were too afraid to confront them, the gang of these criminals were strong and young, and stole a ton of stuff from the old women. i looked down from the tv and saw that it was happening IRL right in front of us at that house across the street. it was terrifying, the old women were covered in blood and on the ground in their front yard porch area. the thugs ran away/ran into the house. etc scattered. an ambulance came and one of the old ladies was put on a stretcher, i think the other one died. one of them was a white old woman and the other was a black old woman also. that’s all i can remember