My dad is Keanu Reeves

Date: 8/16/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm reading/watching/experiencing "Everything Everything" (have done none of the above irl and I'm 800% sure it was not the same story whatsoever). I live in this way out of the way house, I'm being played by Dakota Fanning (cannot stand her movies), and my dad is Keanu Reeves. He has to go to work, and while I want to go too, he tells me I have to stay home. If I leave the house I'll get sick, and besides, I have to take care of all our pets/animals. My boyfriend comes over to keep me company. (Played by the guy who plays Finn in The 100) Then this random chick shows up (I think it was Cady from The Magicians) she tells us she's on the run from this guy who got her pregnant but then she ended up losing the baby and now he's trying to kill her or kidnap her or whatever. She basically just messed everything up at our house. At one point she tried to steal our motorcycle, and we chased her in an old beat up pick up and it all went down in fiery flames, crashing into each other and possibly killing a chicken. I was pissed and worried about what I was going to tell my dad when he came back from work to find everything in disrepair.