Collective still army, falling with style

Date: 6/3/2017

By TheNagual

I'm with a few peers, Brianna and Jenna were the last ones while walking through semi dark halls. In the end, Brianna left and Jenna was going up the escalator only she was half male form. I was then following INTJ Dylan/Killian morph. We shot into a hyperspace cannon. We wait and watch an army that was progressing. I make a move and shot fire at large orc creatures. We are chased and almost die, I got lazy and didn't want to shoot; they died from their burns. Strange dark morphed buildings on a moonlight drive and something said: how can it be infinitely expanding and contracting at the same time? Shrooms were thought of Vague dream of me in black falling down over a green pasture. Something saying, don't fall too much! Fall just right? Maybe..