Gummy Out Break

Date: 6/9/2019

By Pandon05

There was an out break someone was trying to cover it up it was trying people into gummy’s, but one person survived it, it killed them after 48 hours, I ended up being arrested by the military but someone came in and saved us only to take us for them selves, they said make sure the guy who survived the 48 hours dosent get mad. Deep down I thought maybe it has something to due with his powers, we were walking away down a hall way but we could still see the house next thing we know it explodes, we’re extremely far away but we could still fill the Force, the government blew it up, we were in a huge 3rd grade classroom the teacher has a wall filled with food and stuff to eat so I was there eating and found some ice cream but it was all weird and nasty so I didn’t eat any even though I really wanted some ice cream ——— Memory Gap ———— The dude who survived the 48 hours has turned into some laser cannon thing and has taken control of someone else’s mind and I think there gonna shoot the military down