There are reasons some walls remain even after ruin

Date: 8/9/2017

By wanderingSnake

Running through tight passages of cities and towns after something I cannot recall, I find a ruin I remembered from another dream crammed in an ally way with a building stacked on top of it was an ancient building sunk into the ground the tops of its roof poking a meter above the concrete pavement. the remains of the windows half filled in so if you were to get on your knees and bend down you could just peek in. Curiosity burning now I have stoped to look, now I must know what was inside and what is behind. scrabbling back and forth along the wall peeking in the dark windows trying to see in to no avail I spy a crevice to squeeze through between the buildings atop the ruin thinking I could maybe see the ruin from behind. Sure enough out the other side I descend down ornately carved geometric walls reminiscent of Aztec styles into a v shaped foyer, the floor was carpeted by grass and stone tiles. In the center sat three grave stones the outer two were indistinct piles of stones and the middle a small statue of a cannon I approach to look closer, a terrible mistake, I feel sharp fear fun through me to the point of pain so I flea from the statue and the ruins. Later talking to a local of the area they tell me that it was good I left the graves are of people from a war long ago the cannon grave belonged to a cruel general who took many lives, he still haunted the site still bitter and cruel, unable to leave. I did not return again deciding to leave the dead to rest.