Snake/goose/lady fight

Date: 7/5/2017

By Maffiwip

I was in a field and I saw a snake. It was like a pet snake, not huge but def bigger than the regular snakes in Canada. I wasn't afraid just gave it space. I didn't pay it much attention. It out of the corner of my eye I saw some geese and realized that the snake was trying to get them. A weird fight ensued and here the snake would try to wrap around their necks and the geese would peck and stomp at it. There were two black women near the geese that got caught up in the fight. It was more comical than anything to see them swing their legs around and the snake would twirl like a lasso, while the geese were freaking out. I took out my phone and tried to record it. At some point I'm in a gazebo with Kestrel, and I tell him about what I saw. I believe I was telling him that I dreamt about the snakes, so it's weird because I feel like I e already told this story. Anyway he squeezed my side and it hurts, and my grandma is in the gazebo and we ignore each other. Weird because I love my grandma.