Damn Store Clerk.

Date: 8/4/2017

By Stitches

I'm somewhere lost near the downtown section of my city, where it's kinda sketchy looking, when I see a friend of my brothers walking up ahead of me. He turned around and spots me and lets me catch up to him, and we start talking while headed I'm guessing to a bus stop. Suddenly we're almost home, we just have to walk one more block, and it's nighttime. There are more stars showing than normal for where I live. The friend is with my brother and all his other friends now, and they're walking home and I'm standing uncomfortably in the middle of a driveway for 7-11. I tell them to wait up, which they all seem to ignore, and run into the store, which looks different. It has a huge burnt orange tarp over all the windows, except a small opening, way to the left someone is leaning out of, and the door. I walk in and the place is mostly empty, the shelves are altered to wrap around the now narrower perimeter or the store, and behind the checkout counter the store seems to be run by a small Indian family. They're all crowded back there, kinda standing around. I walk around a little, trying to find what I usually buy, but I can't find it. It's all been changed to large cookies and other pastries similar to that. I think the guy behind the counter is watching me as I walk around confused. I only have four dollars, and maybe a nickel, so I go for a cheap item, a rectangular cookie the size of both my hands or more, that looks like it was cut out from a larger piece. It says it's two dollars. I bring it up to the counter and then try to look for an ice cream. While doing all this I'm rushing to try and catch up to my brother and his friends, but I've stopped rushing now because they're probably already home. The clerk is impatiently holding his hand out for my money as I look, and I have to tell him I'm not ready before he finally stops. Once again, I can't find the item I'm looking for so I settle for some weird little cake thing, maybe about five inches tall and round. It looks like someone made a decorative sculpture out of white and regular chocolate. I give it to the guy and just say to make it two bucks and wrap it up. Now the store is getting more customers, and they're all waiting in line, not behind me, but to my right, where I can see all of them easily. It puts me on edge and makes me uncomfortable, especially because the clerk seems to be stalling wrapping my things up, talking to his family and mindlessly moving my items around on their tray. Eventually I've had enough and ask him to hurry up and pack my stuff so I can leave. He nods and stuff but doesn't actually do it. Instead, he keeps talking for a few more minutes, then leaves to go outside and tear the tarp away. I'm getting kinda pissed, as the line behind me slowly grows still. That's when I noticed it's now storming, as he pulled the tarp away, and see the rain pounding against the window, maybe there's thunder but I can't remember. I don't see lightning. A girl walks in with no protective clothing on, just a tank top and shorts. She asks is the service is good here, for some reason, and I explain to her that it's not, and I had to wait almost ten minutes just to get my items checked out and I still didn't get them.