a family dispute ends up in a 999 call, I have a new grandmother that looks like a older brigette bardot and I was on a 90s kid show

Date: 4/29/2017

By Benwass772

the dream has me going to see my grandmother who looks like brigette bardot older (who isn't my grandmother). I go to see her then suddenly the dream cuts between my memories of being on a 90s children show (similar to mickey house) and my nana shouting at my mum, telling her that I was raised wrong and that she was going to lose me, I leave the house and call 999, the tell them where I am but the phone malfunctions (like my phone irl, plus I don't get in dreams why I struggle to call the emergency services, why?) , i call again and it goes successfully, the police come and my phone says there are 2 injuries. in the kids show it is now not kids but adults like a new show or something like that, we have the show then suddenly I have a cast member who I kiss on the neck, then I go down and go down, then eventually giving him a blowjob, then the dream cuts to me at my nanas, my nana is having her nails now and my grandad is reading something, my sister is there as well, I talk about how scared I was but she says that my mum is not fit to be a mother, I yell at her because of my mum's childhood was bad then I angrily go out (i come out of my mum's house instead) a woman comes to the door and gives a parcel and I say "don't bring a parcel to my nana, she's a bitch" it cuts back to the kids/now adult show and ends up again with me giving the cast member a blowjob. Near the end and it ends up as me looking out the window to see my "grandma" looking stressed. I say to my mum can I see her, she says yes but she yells at me, i don't remember why, now I have woken up