Epic fantasy mashup

Date: 6/29/2017

By BlazingStarr

I'm so happy I had a dream related to game of thrones, lotr, and dragon age. I leave out some minor things that happened within the dream because my dreams are often rather long. I was in Jon snows castle aka winterfell. With daenerys targaryen. We were prisons of war because before we were taken in there was a huge battle going on at these old ruins and Gandalf and everyone else was fighting there and somehow I wandered into it and the evil forces were too strong so they had to pull back and they took me with them. I was wandering around the castle grounds and in one of the towers at the top there was a clear flooring and beneath it I spotted some old dragon eggs. I got so excited and went to find daenerys and I brought her over but we couldn't figure out how to open it but this lady that worked in the castle found us and said she is not against us and opened the chamber. We went down a spiral staircase and I picked up one of the eggs, they are all different sizes and colors. This one is medium with green and black. I was talking to daenerys and she was explaining that they are probably taken from something long ago and explained the history. Suddenly my egg broke and I thought I was holding it too hard and I was so sad because this curled up dragon came out. I got closer thinking it was dead but it slowly moved and it unfurled and was already half my size. It started moving around and tried to go outside but I held it down because if it went out the whole castle would be alerted and would probably kill him. So I had to find a way to sneak him out to the mountains so he could grow up there. As we were about to leave the chamber through a side tunnel I accidently touched my hand on another egg that was rather large and pink/white. It shattered and a colorful dragon was in it with a lot of legs and two sets of wings that were more feathery. I eventually with the help of a dwarf and the maiden that helped us originally and a black market dealer got the dragons out and to a nearby mountain. At some point I tried to escape the castle on horseback and into the woods so I could get to them but Jon caught me and took me back to the castle.