Missing Work and Home Defense

Date: 3/19/2017

By biscuit

In the first dream I had, I remember going to an ice cream restaurant. It was a proper restaurant, with sit-down tables and everything. At some point in this dream, I realized that I hadn't been to work at the Arizona Cap Company for a long time. I was really worried, and I hurried off. In the next dream I had, I was watching a group of businessmen go to investigate a house. I think they were going to evict the guy living in there or something, but they didn't expect what happened. The guy in the house was ex-military, and very heavily armed. He killed all of them, and in different ways, too. When the first guy knocked on the door, the wooden door opened, but the screen door was still closed. He couldn't see into the house, and then a shotgun blast ripped through his torso. I don't remember how he killed the rest of them, but I do remember that the house was obviously well fortified, and they were really dumb to try and force him out.