the dreaded dog dream that messed me up to this day

Date: 8/3/2017

By chinone

this dream happened when i was in the 8th grade but i can remember it vividly. i was playing outside in the front yard with my dog. she was big and golden and fluffy and absolutely precious. i loved her. we were jumping in piles of leaves and digging in the dirt, all that good stuff. i go back inside the house because im tired but Of Course i have to be constantly thinking about my beautiful dog. i open up a book filled with photos of me and my dog. there are some of when she's a puppy, some at the park, some of her birthday puppy parties. suddenly i remember that i'm horribly allergic to dogs and drop the photo book which falls onto my gorgeous baby dog, instantly killing her. the funeral happens all too quickly. literally. i walk outside the house and we're burying the dog. i go back in the house. i open the book once more to find that the dog is missing from all the photos. i wake up in a cold sweat, crying. i don't have a dog.