Digital art, A futuristic home with floor to ceiling glass, a pool on the side of a cliff, and elegant decor prompts the protagonist to explore a traffic jam caused by a derailed train, only to discover Optimus Prime warning of an impending invasion by the protagonist's creator seeking to reap Earth's resources and eliminate the planet.

Transformers in Real Life?

Date: 1/30/2019

By godseye

The dream starts out in my house. It seemed to be in the future. I was in my bathroom, which had basically a computer monitor for a mirror and white marble throughout. I looked a bit older, and had a short, styled beard. I got dressed and headed out towards the door, but before I left, I couldn’t help but look around the house. It was amazing. Floor to ceiling glass overlooking the city, a pool on the side of a cliff, fireplaces throughout; one of them was in the wall partition from the living room and kitchen. Very modern and elegant with art and various decorations everywhere. As I was leaving, a dark haired woman (presumably my future wife??) stood in the doorway by my room in a white plush robe, red panties, heels and nothing more. She was basically completely covered though. “Do you have to leave right away?” She asked with a smile. “I was hoping to give you a surprise this morning.” I smiled, walked back over, and she grabbed my tie, pulled me in and kissed me, then lead me into the bedroom, still holding onto the tie. She turned me around and pushed me onto the bed. Facing away from me, She slowly took off the robe and let it drop to the floor. She took off her heels, and turned around, leaned in to kiss me again with her hands gently around my shoulders. — I’m going to spare the rest of the details, but then I had to get dressed and prepare to leave again. I walked out the door and the dream cut. Next I was in traffic. It was a bright, sunny day and I was listening to the radio. The song “Dark Was The Night” by Blind Willie Johnson came on and was on every station I changed it to. I tried to turn off the radio, but it was still playing. Such a strange song to be playing on a sunny day. Almost eerie.. None of the cars had been moving for a little bit now, so as I was looking around, I realized that my car had been dead, and apparently so was everyone else’s. (A lot of the cars looked very different, but still somewhat similar. I guess more futuristic, but there was a mix.) I got out of my car and walked up to a grassy hill by the side of the road to see what was going on. The vehicles stretched for miles, and many others were getting out of their vehicles as well to see what was going on. Just then, someone came up to me and told me that a train had been derailed ahead due to a meteor strike, and that power lines were down over the road. Nobody had responded to the incident yet. He then went off through the line of cars. I made the decision to run over and check out the situation. When I got to the scene, I saw what the man was talking about. The front of the train had been blown through and was ripped off like the top of a tin can, exposing the electrical lines and the whole interior of the train. The track was elevated and on the left side of the road from where I was driving. The power lines and poles were snapped, and there was a trench in the ground across the road. A couple cars ripped apart, and it led into the woods a bit, but there was nothing in the trench. I decided to explore a bit, so I walked into the woods, and just then, I saw a truck parked near the end of the trench. Suddenly, it began transforming, and it was indeed Optimus Prime! I could barely contain my excitement, but I was also thinking “wtf. Why is this happening?” He announced himself, the way he always does and said that the world was in danger. He told me that humans have been here for years for the purpose of harvesting the Earth’s resources and our creator was coming back to reap the benefits and eliminate our planet. I asked him how he knew this and he said I wouldn’t understand yet, but that it was crucial for me to listen. Humans have yet to even acknowledge that there are other life forms in outer space, and it would take something drastic to change their mind. We as humans have been distracted throughout the years by various events, advancements in technology and systems in place to keep us working. We have been trapped by the cycles of addiction and reward. Our creator will come, and judgement will come. Those who are ready and able to prove themselves will be chosen to carry on civilization by design. The rest of the population will be eliminated. In closing, he said we were to prepare for the “ultimate battle of many generations”.... Then I gasped and woke up.