FORTNITE+bad characters equals near death.

Date: 4/16/2019


I’m pretty sure you have all heard of the game Fortnite at least one time.Well I dreamt that I was in fortnite and I got 3 victory Royales.One person I killed was tfue so then I went to see if he was streaming and he was.He said that I’m so bad even tho my building skills were really good and I have a lot of wins irl.i went back to fortnite and got killed by ninja.he was also streaming.i was wondering and sorta freaking out.nit raging just shocked that it was ninja.i was more shocked with tfue because I’m bo big fan of ninja but he’s okay.there was this one extremely good player that challenged me to a 1v1 .i accepted.he was so good that he got to max hight in less then 15 seconds.but when I finally got high ground I fell off and noscoped him.he raged so hard that his fist went through his monitor.but he had a YouTube channel with a couple of million subscribers so he was kinda rich. He got about 1million cries on each video. He had about 7k wins which is really good.when we 1v1 eachother I noticed something written on his said I will find you and I will not just kill you.EAT YOU. This was very hidden in his hidden that when he was streaming he used the same skin and out of all the people watching no found out about about a couple of hours later a van pulled up in my front yard.and on the side of the van was what looked like bloody letters saying the exact same thing on his character.i was always alone in my house at night because my parents both work late night shifts.he started to bang on my door so hard it felt like it was going to break down.i was so scared that I tried to hide.the first thing that came to me was under the bed but all of those horrific movies are telling you not to so I hid in the bathroom.the bathroom had a window so I locked the door and waited till he maid it in the house then the second he made it in I shot out the bathroom is at the back side of my house so now I was completely hidden in trees and grass and since it was so dark no one could see me. I ran to the neighbors to ask them to call the cops and I told them what happened so they called the cops immediately and the cops arrived about 10 mins later.the cops never found the guy but he left his van when he ran. There was a bunch of guns and knives in the van there were even some day he came back to the same neighbor hood and did it again but to someone else this time the cops caught him and I don’t remember what happened next srry