Lucid nap

Date: 2/21/2017

By psyche

here's what i remember: i was w jon and we were at my house and i wanted to get something out of the trunk of his car so i went to the back and pulled something out and the car started rolling forward and i tried to hold it back but it was too heavy i only slowed it down. it hit a car parked in front of the house and rolled over into its side. jon scolded me and told me it wasn't even his car then proceeded to basically pick it up and put it back on i the street right side up. we went inside and we're talking to my dad in the living room when we heard someone cursing from the street. we realized it was the guy whose car the other car had hit so we walked farther from the window so he. pulsar see us inside. next thing i remember is being in an old house that had a lot of antique stuff in it and badly needed some repairs. i felt afraid for some reason and would venture part of the way into the house and leave and then come back and venture a little further. my dad tried to show me something and got me to go upstairs but i got a bad feeling and left. i realized since i was dreaming and i knew it i should try to fly cuz why not? i took a running start and flapped my wings but it was harder than i thought it would be and only succeeded in hovering above the ground after a few tries