Frozen 2 and....I am a seal?!

Date: 3/2/2019

By Emerald

In my first dream I was watching Frozen 2 but it wasn't at all like I expected and Elsa was the only character. In my second dream I was a fluffy white baby seal on a huge sheet of ice, probably in the north or south pole. I was part of a huge conoly of seals all squished together on the ice sheet and we couldn't even move. Then there was an aeroplane but it was flying so low that the wheels touched the water. Then I could see me and the other seals through a plane window as if I were a passenger. Then I got taken away and I was suddenly in an 8-bit platform game, and now I was a tiny orange fish. I went forward and I fell into deep water. When I was in the water I turned into a huge blue whale but I was too big for the water because it was narrow. For some reason I knew how to play but I was acting as if I didn't and I think I lost