Cigarettes, lesbians and dogs

Date: 2/26/2017

By emjaynehill

My dream was kind of cut into 3 separate parts... The first bit I remember was being at home with a bunch of people there, like we were having a party. My high school friend Anna was there and she had a pack of cigarettes in front of her. Given that I haven't had a cigarette in 3 months it's kind of obvious that my dream was based on my need for a cigarette. I begged Anna for a cigarette, but she wouldn't give me one - that's all I remember. The second part of my dream was more strange. I was upstairs in my room with this girl, and she asked me if I was at all curious about women. I admitted that I was curious, and then I kissed her. I told her that it felt right and she said that it's common, but then we started fooling around and I told her that it started to feel wrong. Kissing was really hot and normal, but fooling around with a girl wasn't. I have no idea who that girl was, but it was a strange dream. In the third part of my dream, the original owner of my brother's dog texted us (and it's important to note that my brother has had Tilly since she was a puppy, there was no original owner). The text said something along the lines of: "Please let me see Tilly," to which my dad replied: "No, you messed that dog up with your lack of training, so you don't deserve to see her." And in real life Tilly chases after cars and pulls on the lead... And then I woke up, and the dream started coming back to me during the day, remembering little bits.