Little girls living in the blades of windmills

Date: 6/3/2017

By TwentieToo

So i was at a hotel with my family. It was sort of like a cruise ship. There were some roller coasters and a water park across some water on another ship or something. We were planning to go over there. But I didn't have a swimming suit. I had these scars on my legs that I was embarrassed about and didn't want to wear something short. So i got this long skirt, and then went and rode on the rollercoasters and stuff. When I came back my hotel room, it was my old room when I was fourteen. It was mostly empty except a big heavy dresser and my bed. My suitcase was in the bed, open and I was looking for something to wear. Then I turned into Dean from Supernatural and got my Guns and Roses shirt and put it on, of course it was too small and I had nothing else to wear, everybody was laughing at me and I started panicking looking through my suitcase furiously trying to find something else. I asked a dude if I could borrow something from him, but his clothes were also too small, but I spotted a big gray shirt and put it on. After that part I was my regular self again and went back to the roller coasters on the different boat. I was suddenly in the car with my mom, we had been at this theme park with some crazy rides and left my sister, Sophie, there. She was in this ride that had these tall red tower things in a windmill shape, they slowly went around and little girls lived in the red towers. We were driving away and talking when I saw an explosion up in a mountain. I pointed it out to my mom. Everything was slow motion, then rewinded. I pointed the explosion out to my mom and when she turned around the shock wave or whatever came toward us and covered everything in a big cloud of dust. When I saw the dust storm coming I told my mom to get back in the car and drive, but it was too late and the dust storm covered us. I remember thinking, what about Sophie, she's trapped in those towers. After the dust cleared we went back to the park. I walked to the towers and saw there were a lot of firemen there and news reporters as well. When no one was looking I climbed up the tower, which were thousands of feet high, and when I got the top I looked down inside and saw a little girl I asked her where the other kids were and she showed me around. I got all of them out and found my sister and got her out too. Then I was at this dentist place. Super fancy, kinda futuristic looking. I was in a big black car with my brother, we needed something from inside the dentist office. But then a bad guy started shooting at us and we got inside our car and ducked. The inside of the car was gigantic, like there was some Harry Potter shit going on. Then I was in the grocery store shopping. I don't remember what I was shopping for, but I remember what I got, but after I bought my stuff, the bag was bright and colorful. And then I went home. But I turned into a different girl and went home with my new family. It was the family of the little girl I saved from the red towers. They had a big black car, like the ones famous people use. They stopped at a house, it was a nice house not fully finished on the inside. We were bringing in luggage and some other things. There was this one big package like thing that I think had something important in it. I was trying to find a way to steal it but the family was already two steps ahead of me and started saying, "We know you're not our real daughter, and that you're trying to steal this. Good luck trying." Then I was in a store, a different one than the first one, it was all white and the lighting was brighter. I was with another girl and I was getting a child's gift and something else. The gift was put in a gift bag that was all white with skinny black lettering on the side. I carried the other item. We exited the store but we stopped in the area were you get your carts, it was super dark and there were some guards standing there watching me, they were dressed in all black and wearing some serious gear and had rifles. I saw them and instantly started to act like a rich girl from the movies, while I was waiting for my friend. We got in that black car and drove to the house I was at before. We didn't pull in the driveway and just passed it. I said, "You know, someday I wish to have a house like that." And my friend said, "Yeah, it has such a large yard there. I hear that they might be building another house behind it." Then I was with my dad and both my sisters. We driving past that house. We were moving in to it and a person was building a house behind it. My sisters asked my dad, I can't remember the word they used, but it was a word for like a long but small mound of dirt that stretched across the yard and separated the house's lawns and trees were planted along it. We had one at our actual old house, and when we were little kids we loved playing inside the trees, they kinda created a small area where no one could see you. My dad said back in an exasperated voice, "Yeah sure we can get one."