Cats and rats

Date: 1/17/2017

By josh97

This dream starts off with me at my house(a variation of my house at least) with my cat gg. If I remember correctly somehow I have acquired 3 or 4 more cats in this dream as well. At first it seemed pretty boring just going through the motions of every day life. Then my cat jumps on the outter ledge of the window on the second story of the house. When she comes back in a preying mantis follows. The mantis is angry and trys to attack me like an agrivated wasp. I smack the mantis and a small piece of it falls off, the mantis runs under my bed. For a second I feel bad for it but it passes quickly. My cat is under the bed as well. I send another cat under to get the mantis. The orange cat i send peeks under the linens and hisses. I look down to see that not only is the mantis under there but there is plenty of rat tails poking out from under the bed. I start freaking out making noise trying to get the rats out the cat is hissing. The rats start running for the door and I wake up.