Knoth from Outlast ll

Date: 5/9/2017

By TwentieToo

The first dream I had was actually really beautiful. That sounds strange, but anyways, I lived on these hills with a view of a city. The sky was a perfect blue with a few fluffy clouds and there was a walking path to my house. My house was 't really a house. It was egg shaped and it was fluffy inside. And very colorful. I lived with a couple other people I think. And we seemed to be trying to find something. One that I remember more clearly than the others was a light brown haired dude, maybe 18-22 years old, a bit nervous. Lets call him, Sam. And I think my little sister, Molly also lived there. At one point a bunch of people came over to my house. They seemed like family and a couple had little kids. I don't remember any of the conversation, but they all seemed concerned for me. Then I remember a door that led to a dark room, it had moldy pipes and ladders everywhere and an endless bottom. Me and Sam went through this door and lgrabbed onto ladders or pipes and climbed sideways. I think people caught us and put us in a room. The whole building seemed like an abandoned castle/factory. The dude, the king i guess, was fat, had long dark hair, a shriveled up mean face and was wearing these weird red robes. He kinda looked like that leader of the creepy religious people from Outlast ll. Knoth, i think was his name. Knoth said something to us, don't remember what, and walked out with his guards and left us in the room. The guards had weird metal hats on, and metal version of the red robes Knoth was wearing. We escaped and we climbed out of small windows and climbed and parkoured our way up the building. At one point when I was going up some stairs to escape the building, a guard talked to me, he was crying and I think he gave us a tip on how to get out. Thats all I remember. Second dream was very interesting. There was a little girl, must've been like 13. Had blonde hair, glasses. She had two friends. One was dark haired and a bit heavy. The other was smaller than the other two and had mousy brown hair. They had all been pregnant. I think by the same guy. They all seemed shy and sad, but a bit angry too. Like they wanted revenge on the guy who did that to them. In my dream they were all ghosts. I was trying to find something for them. That seems to be something I do in almost every dream, is try to find something. But I never know what. Anyways, i had this scarf. It was miles long. And i had this dude that accompanied me on my quest. I don't think he ever said anything. He reminded me of that dude on Horton Hears a Who, had an emo vibe. (He actually was kinda hot). Anywho, I had taken this scarf and run across buildings, I would start and end on the same building. When I was done, I would eat some Chinese food then climb down the building to this guy. He was Chinese. He was very muscular and had lots of tattoos and was bald and had a goatee. He was sitting on a chair outside the building. Like the chair was attached to the side of the building or something. He was staring very intently at the building or something inside the building. When we got to him I would hand him some change. After I did this the blonde girl became evil, I guess, she was very angry. She said something to me, I don't remember it, but it was about her and the two other girls. I ran away and did the whole scarf, jump over buildings, hand strange man some change thing a couple more times. The end.