Silas hugged me

Date: 1/8/2020

By Lottie

I went to go see my best friend, Silas, in NC, I guess we were at a party of his or something, and I realized I couldn't stay with him in NC forever, so I called him over to hug me, and he rejected me at first, getting wide eyed and shrinking away saying "you're getting bit" - a mosquito was on me. I killed it and he came right over, he hugged me and held on for a while, I didn't want to, but I sobbed, I don't think anyone else noticed, but he knew to hold on. Then Honey's partner Jace showed up behind me and joined in on the hug. Silas held on for another minute but then let go, and Jace started cooing about how it would be okay, trying to comfort me. Honey comes up in front of me with a cigarette in their hands, doing smoke tricks with it to distract me and make me feel better, it worked. Eventually I got up from Jace and Honey and went over to Silas, I sat next to him and noticed we were v squished in, so I moved over, also because there was a blanket to my left that I wanted to grab, but Silas also scooted over and stayed all squished into me, I realized it was intentional and sweet, I gave him the blanket and he got very happy, he continued talking to his friends but I was now comfortably squished into him - he was showing love in his own way. I think they'd turned a movie on and some people were watching it vaguely.