dreamt about a prince

Date: 3/8/2017

By nltdg

Someone brought me to a Japanese palace. The walls seemed reddish and the place as whole looked goldenish. In there, there were many girls. As soon as the girls saw me, they began giving me all these smug faces and were kind of laughing at me because they thought that I was ugly. Then the person who brought me told me to line up behind the girls. All the girls were already lined up in many rows. Then the prince enters, dressed in traditional red Japanese clothes and he walks to each row and looks at every girl and eventually reaches the row I'm in. When he sees me, his eyes somewhat widen and then he tells his advisor, "I'll take her, " loud enough for everyone to hear. All the girls were shocked as they were thinking how ugly I was. And I was shocked too as I didn't even know what on earth is happening and why I was here in the first place. His advisor then says, "why don't you pick more?" , to which the prince says, "I'm not looking for a harem." Then I wake up.