stabbed during weird game

Date: 2/15/2017

By Tjika

Me and some former classmates of mine were doing a weird game. It had something to do with getting enough food by playing games or collecting it from somewhere, like a survival game. For some reason I was pregnant in the dream. I got some cola from my little brother, although he did make me pay for it as it was part of the game. Later we were all in some sort of hotel and a guy came in with a knife. He (or she, there was also a girl there) didn't like me for some reason, so had come for me. One of them cut my belly open so that the baby would come out. It hurt a lot, but I just acted like it was an inconvenience. I kept feeling really tired and weak from that moment on during the dream. I was saved by my classmates from the stabbing people, but my belly was still open. In the meantime we had to do stuff like brushing teeth and I did it still being hurt, but I didn't really mind. I did mind a little that they went of the plane we were suddenly on and just looked at me like "what is she still waiting for? Well we're leaving." while I was trying to hold my intestines inside of me with my hand. Before I could actually leave the plane the dream ended.