Everyone attacking Pewdiepie

Date: 7/12/2019

By PandaPuff

I was at a grocery store when all of a sudden hell broke loose. I went out of the aisle and looked around to see everyone attacking Pewdiepie with balloons that had his face on them. I quickly ran looking for balloons that hadn't been taken yet, opened a pack, and then blew it up to attack the people who were attacking Felix. Of course, they hit me in return and the balloons actually hurt, leaving red marks on my skin. Soon enough, shit got crazier and people were attacking him with metal objects. This lesbian hit him with something metal and caused him to fall to the ground. Just as she was about to swing at his head again, I blocked her which pissed her off. She then swung at me but I dodged. The dream changed and I was at this giant condo at night. Everyone was out on their balcony saying how much they hated Felix. The dream switched again and I'm in my house. It's still night. I was about to leave to get something, but Felix and some girl walked in the house. My stepmom began yelling,"What's wrong with you?! You shouldn't be upsetting people like that!" This pissed me off so I yelled back at her to shut the fuck up because she doesn't know shit about what actually went down. I think in my dream he was her brother.