Visiting someone with Earthly powers and playing Destruction on an Island.

Date: 3/15/2017

By richilye

I was inside some apartment, it was bright white inside and also really clean. I was talking to someone who apparently had earthly power and it used ailver as it main attack and defense. We were talking about something that I don't remember. We also had a battle against something afterwards , but I don't remember anything about it, no my power. I believe my power was that gold shield on my left arm, as I recall doing something with my left arm during the battle. Scene change, I was with some people in a mansion, it was a parkour map, we had to get to the end avoiding traps and walls of spikes, then they decided to make it a race, then we started running towards the traps and jumping. We were in 3, one of the guys died and had to start again. At the end, I finished in 2nd place. Scene change. I was in a big island with a bunch of people, that were killing each other. It happens that it was a destruction game, in which the objective was taking a bomb to the enemy base, if you died you would respawn, I think... I didn't die once. There were missiles going everywhere and mortars falling left and right. I couldn't use my gold shield/time device to use my powers and get my guns, I had to follow the rules of the game. My team got the bomb and died, then we got the bomb again and scored a point. The battle went for a while until someone got the bomb again, it was my team. I was near were they got the bomb, they were going by car, then 3 Mortars flew past me and hit them. I ran there and found a car nearby, I went aearching for the bomb where they died, I found 3 packets of bombs, I put them inside the back of the car. The car was a 2 seat and had no roof, and the back part you could put things, or take people, it was like a military Jeep but rusty. I started driving towards the objective, apparently nobody saw me. I arrived, it was near the beach, but there was a Civilian house blocking the checkpoint, I got confused of where the objective point was, I took a look at the minimap thinking that it would show if the objective location was above or below me, but it showed that it was to my right, and there was a wall there blocking my way. The house had no roof and it was a 2 or 3 story house, being one to the left part and the lowest one, it was even below me, and to the right the highest part. Apparently my mom connected my computer inside the guy's door (at least I think it was her), it was near the door, then she told me to take it 'cause there was people coming, there was a civilian girl coming up the stairs. I took the computer and... put inside my ass(?) jk, I think I put it inside my gold shield, as it went to my inventory , then someone told me that I was supposed to put the bomb in the garage. scene change. The guy who ended up in 3rd place in the mansion race had uploaded a footage of the race to youtube, then he came and told me that he forgot to upload the part in which he got in 1st place. scene change. I was in a white room, apparently it was a level made by [Redacted] and she asked me to play it. The 1st room was just white, the 2nd room was a small puzzle room and it was still white. It went by some puzzle rooms, which ones were easy, I arrived at a room with fake keya, but the fake ones disappeared and only showed the true one. Next room was with 3 fake keycards and 3 non fakes, I just looked at the fake ones and they despawned, I took the key cards and went to the next room. There were various doors there, 2 of them led to a wall, probably because she hasn't finished the map, that's what I thought when I saw it. Then there was a room with some enemies and it was gray. Btw, there were 2 guys following me around the map, I remember nothing that they said, I killed some enemies and went to another one, it had enemies as well and was gray. Dream was ending, everything went quiet and people disappeared as well the enemies. End