Mermaid perfume commercial

Date: 8/6/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was watching this woman, someone famous, but I don't remember who exactly. I would switch from being in her body from her point of view to outside watching. She/I was swimming in this aquarium (like in NJ where it's a giant sphere tank in the middle creating an ecosystem.) It was just like that but much less fish in it. There was a sick merman on the bottom that I kept attending to and making sure he was okay. I could sing really well underwater and I could hold my breath for longer than normal. And also I knew that she was pregnant but like she didn't know that. So Emily Osment was directing this perfume commercial I was trying out for. I guess it was maybe cologne though. Because I would be wearing a mermaid tail and flirting with a man, so maybe the cologne attracts mermaids or the perfume turns you into one. I'm not sure what the aim was. So I/she swam over to the side and was talking to Emily and Emily explained that the reason she could sing underwater and hold her breath was because she was pregnant and the oxygen levels in her blood were in higher concentrations because of the fetus. And she was kinda shocked but not mad. And they couldn't find a hot guy for the commercial so they were using the owner of the company and he was this unattractive, large man. I refused to do the commercial with him, citing that Liam Hemsworth would be a better match. Emily then challenged me to bring him in, but I had done a movie with him in the past and we were friends. So then it changed and I was at home and myself and I was set with the task of getting Liam to be in the commercial with me. So I emailed him, and his email was something weird like, it was his personal email. "Hey Liam, are you free this week? I would like to work on a project with you." And then I also texted him and in our details was bad pictures of me he had taken on set and thought were funny and sent them to me. And then the dream changed and I was with Liam now on a tour bus, like touring a city, not touring for famous people, and we stopped at this huge bright blue lake that was in a crater and we were looking at it and then I woke up.